Advice / information

What are the benefits of genetic testing?

If you have symptoms indicative of a genetic disorder, the genetic test will help you:

  • confirm/affirm the diagnosis;
  • reveal the holistic causes of the symptoms; develop a more personalized treatment;
  • identify your predisposition to known genetic disorders and estimate the likelihood of developing those disorders based on the current level of science;
  • identify the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent the development of disorders to which you are predisposed;
  • identify medical screening and diagnostic procedures that can help you in the prevention and early detection of disorders.

If you have an identified genetic disorder, our comprehensive test will reveal other mutations in your genome, allowing you to better tailor your treatments to your individual needs. Individuals may suffer from multiple genetic disorders, which may influence each other and the effectiveness of therapeutic treatments. The genetic test is therefore beneficial even for those with an already identified genetic disorder.

How are my data and genetic sample stored? How are my private data handled?

Your genetic sample is destroyed at the end of the test. We do not provide any biobanking services and we are not partnered with any biobanking service providers. The raw genetic data obtained from sequencing and certain personal data are shared with our contractual bioinformatics partners ( and scientific partners (ELTE Department of Genetics). During the handling and transmission of your genetic and personal data, both our Foundation and our partners fully comply with strict national and EU data protection laws. All customers / patients are informed of their rights before the test in detail. As an additional service, you may request that your raw genetic data be stored on the servers of our contractual partner or you may purchase the genetic data in FASTAQ format on hard drives provided by us (as these data may reach hundreds of gigabytes in size). The results of the test are stored by us and our contractual partners in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You may request a copy of your stored data at any time. The deep sequencing of your genome is performed outside the EU by multiple contractual partners. All our third country (non-EU) partners are required to be fully GDPR-compliant. Nevertheless, differences in the legal environment between the EU and third countries may jeopardize the legal enforcement of EU regulations. To minimize the risk of data mishandling, your genetic sample is transferred to our third country partners after pseudonymization. This means that only we can connect your genetic data to your person. Before the genetic test can begin, you must sign a consent form, which explains in detail the procedures of data storage and transmission, the aims of data handling and lists the participating partners that handle your data.

Why to use our services?

We use state of the art Next Generation Sequencing technology, which provides the most accurate results available today.

By choosing us, you will receive truly personalized results.

Our service was developed to ensure that our experts focus on the data most relevant to your medical history, your health status and your lifestyle.

Our analyses are exceptionally accurate, as we use artificial intelligence-based algorithms to process clinical databases and genetic experts interpret the results.

We allow you to retain, store or purchase the deep sequencing data. As the field of genetics continues to advance, you will be able to obtain new information from these data. Improvements in our databases will also allow you to receive new information about your genome in the future.

Our products and services and their development are founded on scientific cooperation. We only partner with experts, clinical geneticists and institutions such as the ELTE Department of Genetics, with considerable and internationally renowned scientific expertise. We are committed to use technology ethically in the pursuit of social progress.