Our genetic diagnostic service provides an unique opportunity in Hungary for an accurate and accessible genetic analysis for the health conscious people and the chronic disease patients (particularly those suffering from or at risk of intestinal or tumorous diseases). We are able to identify the over 500,000 known human mutations and polymorphisms and we have special offers for chronic disease patients. The world-class scientific and technological quality of the diagnostic service is guaranteed by our cooperation with the bioinformatics team of Aesculab Medical Solutions, a trusted partner of the ELTE Department of Genetics and the University of Debrecen. Our services are available in Budapest and Debrecen.

Why to use our services?

We use state of the art Next Generation Sequencing technology, which provides the most accurate results available today.

By choosing us, you will receive truly personalized results. Our service was developed to ensure that our experts focus on the data most relevant to your medical history, your health status and your lifestyle.

Our analyses are exceptionally accurate, as we use artificial intelligence-based algorithms to process clinical databases and genetic experts interpret the results.

We allow you to retain, store or purchase the deep sequencing data. As the field of genetics continues to advance, you will be able to obtain new information from these data. Improvements in our databases will also allow you to receive new information about your genome in the future.

Our products and services and their development are founded on scientific cooperation. We only partner with experts, clinical geneticists and institutions such as the ELTE Department of Genetics, with considerable and internationally renowned scientific expertise. We are committed to use technology ethically in the pursuit of social progress.